Top 7 Wedding Highlights 2019

Top 7 Wedding Highlights 2019

Now it may have been a dismal year in the world of Politics but what an array of weddings we have seen in 2019!

Celebrity weddings were in abundance this year such as Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin along with the likes of Ellie Goulding and Caspar Jopling! Now we had no so-called celebrities at Chippenham Park but boy, oh boy, did our couples give their weddings the WOW factor! We have chosen our top 7 inspiring trends of 2019 and hope you enjoy!

  1. Return of the Classic! This year couples stripped it back and used the ‘less is more’ strategy, from cakes to table decor to the wedding dress itself. Classic, elegance definitely made a comeback! Cakes by Carol made this beauty and it epitomised classic wedding cake!
  2. Lace, lace, baby! Lace had an industry makeover this year and made an epic comeback! No 1950’s lace here just beautiful, intricate patterns.
  3. Statement Cakes! Now half of you did follow the classic, simple, stylish wedding cake. Whilst the other half of you went all out! People love cake and do you know what they love even more!? Cakes that stand to attention and hold their own in the wedding breakfast room! We had drip cakes, rustic naked ones, perspex plinths and the most amazing cake toppers!
  4. A Sea of Balloons – 2018 saw the flower wall, which was a great hit for Photo Booth back drops and a ceremony addition. A great statement piece. This year came balloons, any colour, any size, any amount! Walls, tunnels, garlands were made using just balloons and the effects really were stunning!
  5. Custom Illustrations – couples love to personalise their stationery to reflect their magical day. This year showed an increase in personalised table plans, menus and invitations. We absolutely adore seeing the beautiful illustrations of Chippenham Park. We just wish we were that talented!
  6. Dramatic Florals. Our absolute favourite trend of 2019! Now we love a flower, who couldn’t, being surrounded by the beautiful grounds of Chippenham Park! Feast your eyes on this hanging grid of them!7. Women do the talking! We heard some of the most fantastic speeches this year and a lot of them were from the bride. Yes you heard right! The brides opted to say their thank yous and relay their stories to the crowds. Girl Power!

Photo Credit:-

Nikki’s Moments

Terri & Lori

Michelle White Photography

Ben Minnaar Photography

John Scott Photography

Studio 1208




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