Top 7 Trends 2021

Top 7 Trends 2021

Forget ‘Year of The Ox’….2021 will be the Year of The Wedding!

New weddings, postponed weddings, rearranged weddings and Round Two weddings. You name it. It will be weddings galore and boy, we can’t wait. We may not be out of the woods just yet, but the whole world will get there soon and can you just imagine the celebrations when we do! We are stronger together and we must stay positive. Now sit back, get your good energy hat on and find the inspo for your big day below…


Spice it up! Whether it be the ceremony chair covers, the bridesmaid dresses or the groomsmen’s shoes. Now more than ever, we need some colour and pizazz back to cheer everyone up. Don’t get us wrong, the beautiful pastels and delicate florals will still be around, but couples are going to go big and bold on their statement colours.


Food, glorious food! Some of 2021 weddings will have been waiting over 12 months to finally celebrate their big day, whilst others will just purely be ecstatic that they can celebrate. Therefore we think catering wise, couples will go all out for the wedding. Hot and cold canap├ęs, delicious sharing platter starters, scrumptious mains and a selection of delectable desserts, closely followed with the ultimate drunk-person evening food of cheese on toast and bacon baps! I’ll have one of each please!


If 2020 made us do anything whilst shut away from the world. It probably brought home that we need to be more sustainable and do our part for the planet. 2021 will see couples scaling back on certain aspects of their big day. For example, using flowers that are in season for their wedding month or using local small businesses instead of large corporate companies. Wearing your mum’s wedding dress, sustainable and a tribute to her. We all play a part in this big, big world and I think couples are becoming more conscious over their carbon footprint.


Now, it has become very clear why the 1918 pandemic was followed by the roaring 20s and why people felt the need to dress up to go just about anywhere! Tulle skirts, fur coats, elaborate headbands, shiny bright shoes. You do you! We all need to celebrate and any fashion piece will go for 2021! There are no rules!


Who’s missed getting down and funky to those classic wedding beats?! We have! Once those dance floors open in 2021 there will be no stopping us, not even the wallflowers of the group. The bands will be on top form and the DJ’s will be spinning those decks. Time to throw those shapes!


It happened, it’s written in history and sadly, we have all had to learn to adapt this year. Once these 2021 weddings are in full swing we will all try our hardest to create those dream wedding days you have been envisaging for your whole lives. For those who have had to postpone, this may be the big big day or the second part to an already taken place ceremony. Whatever it is, it’s your day and we can’t wait to help you live it!


You’ve made it, you’ve done it, and all with your cherished ones by your sides. Weddings are always a day to appreciate your loved ones and show them how much you care, but 2021 more than ever, will be a time to reflect on all that we have and all who we love.

For now, as always, stay safe and we will see you on the flip side. All our love Chippenham. Merry Christmas x

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