Top 7 Trends 2020

Top 7 Trends 2020

2020 is now just on the horizon and the question we must get asked the most is,¬†“What are the key wedding trends for next year?”

Now if you are planning a wedding, you will know more so than anyone that it pays to be prepared! With so many aspects and ideas to think about, organisation is key but most of all have fun with it! We thought we would put together a little sprinkle of ultimate trends we think 2020 will bring. Sit back with your mulled wine and prepared to be inspired…

  1. Did someone say Pampas? Never have we ever come across something that causes such a divide but pampas is coming back! Did it ever really leave?! We for one, are quite excited about the potential floral ideas that we will see next year!
  2. Neon Signs… yes, yes, yes! We’ve seen the neon signs make a comeback in funky bars and cafes over the last few years, but now it is their time to shine at weddings! Be it the top table back drop or the dance floor centrepiece. We love them and can’t get enough of them!
  3. Statement Sleeves – it’s your big day right!? You can wear whatever you want and won’t be described as overdressed or too dramatic! So go for those sleeves girl! Be who you want to be!
  4. All about the headpiece ladies. Did we mention 2020 is going to be big!? If dramatic sleeves aren’t your thing then what about the ultimate headpiece!
  5. We are sure this next trend will certainly not come as a surprise to any woman who has spent her life dreaming of her big day! A second dress for the reception..of course!

6. Statement Lighting – now over the years we have come to realise the smallest tad of extra lighting can considerably change the effect and ¬†mood that you are trying to create. Not a fan of traditional set up? – go all out on those bulbs!7. Last but by no means least! New rules…and no we don’t mean Dua Lipa’s hit record playing from the dance floor. Out with the old traditions and in with the new! Do what you want! This is your big day and one you want to remember for a life time. Have a cheesecake instead of sponge, get the speeches over and done with during the drinks reception, dare not to wear a white dress, embroider your veil with a personal touch to you! Whatever you want – do it!

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