Filming your perfect day…!

Filming your perfect day…!

Should we film our big day? Do we need a videographer? If you want to relive your wedding day then we think the answer is YES!

Some of us in the office used to be dubious about the need for a play by play of your wedding. Surely there’s enough photos to look through and will we ever really watch it?

Well times have changed and technology has improved considerably. Wedding films are now one of our favourites aspects to reminisce about past weddings at Chippenham Park. It allows both sides of the bridal party to see all angles from beginning to end – parts they may well have missed otherwise. From getting ready to venue set up – it all ties in together to make the perfect mini film of your dream day.

Below is the wedding film from Natalie & Ben’s wedding held at Chippenham Park last year. I know we are bias but we think Chippenham Park looks stunning (as do our very lovely bride and groom)! Videography courtesy of Mark Asplin –

Here are our top 10 moments to capture on film:-

Bridal Prep

Father of the bride’s reaction to seeing their daughter in her dress

Groom Prep

Groom waiting at the alter

Bride’s entrance

First kiss as Mr & Mrs


First dance

Cake cutting

Sunset walk


Our conclusion: If its achievable within the budget then go for it!


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